Tips and Tricks for Summer Home Cooling

Summer is here in full force in California, and with that being said so is the high cost of running that expensive yet wonderful air conditioner, but did you know there are ways to keep your A/C cost down and not turning your home into a sauna?

Tip Number One: Make sure your windows and doors are fully closed while your A/C is running, Getting your home professionally inspected is the most efficient way of going about this, but if you have noticed a draft by a closed door or window that is a sign that not only can the hot outdoor air get in, but the cool air you are putting into your home is escaping outside! causing you to run your air conditioner longer.

Tip Number Two: All about fans, whether they be installed ceiling fans, whole house fans, or just floor fans that you can move from room to room, these guys are a life saver. Not only moving air around your room, or directly towards you, with fans in place you can turn your thermostat four degrees warmer and still feel the good cool air.

Tip Number three: This one that some cant avoid, using dryers, ovens, and anything else that has to heat to a high temperature to work during the cooler times of day, be that early morning, or after the sun has gone down. The amount of heat that these machines put off raises the indoor temperature causing your A/C to run longer trying to fight the constant heat.

Tip Number Four: Turning off your electronics, Now while this may seem like a no brainier,  some electronics still use electricity even after they have been shut off! This causes your electric bills to rise all while you think you are keeping them down. Try shutting your computer down completely instead of taking it to standby, Or unplugging things that aren’t being used, Lamps, Televisions, Radios, Phone chargers, ect.

Tip Number Five: This isn’t really a tip, but more like a yummy suggestion, Keep ice pops or Popsicles on hand when you know the weather will be quite hot out, Not only will you have a nice little treat, but also something that will cool you down without you having to worry about the bills later! You can even make them yourself with your favorite juice, an ice tray, plastic wrap, and tooth picks!


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The QuietCool System

      The QuietCool Whole House and Attic fan system is a revolutionary product in its field. While normal whole house and attic fans are loud and disruptive, the QuietCool works exactly as the name describes! Quietly cooling your home while also saving you money. While a house fan isn’t a replacement for an air conditioner, It can become a useful alternative to them, and keep you form running your A/C as often. The benefits of a house fan are tremendous, Instead of pulling stale air that is already inside your home, the house fans pull in fresh air from outside, reducing moisture, pollutants and other harms that come from A/Cs just cycling old air. Now this is where the differences in an Ordinary house or attic fan and the QuietCool come in to play, The QuietCool is a new more energy efficient version of the outdated house fan. With multiple designs and different functions, QuietCool has a fan that will accommodate any house and attic.

       Customers who choose the QuietCool system have saved so much money within the first year that the fan has practically paid for itself!

So let’s recap:
Energy Efficient, QUIET, Saves money on your electric bill, and helps improve air quality in your home all while cooling your home, making it more comfortable without the stress of high cost after.

With all these benefits, it is easy to see why so many people have made the decision to install a QuietCool and why you should too.

Considering new home renovations? Start with lighting!

A well thought-out lighting strategy can be one of your homes finest resources when considering home renovations.  Before you get swept up in the excitement of selecting new recessed lights, chandeliers or any other type of fixtures….. Image

evaluate your plan to ensure that each light in your kitchen will effectively create the desired effect in mind.  Get more info on the best lighting available at:  Usually we consider ambiance, task and general lighting when purchasing a particular lighting fixture.  An example of this would be kitchen counter lighting.  It not only adds more light, but can compliment the finish and color of the cabinets and counter, depending on the light color you choose. Pendant lighting is popular over sinks, island destinations, and also kitchen dining tables.  Drum shades, are now trending towards the kitchen, and can be customized together using cloth that matches upholstery throughout the home Chandeliers, once considered taboo in the kitchen, has now become more common.  Some kitchen areas double as a possible computer space or as an intimate dinner place for 2.  The light you select as well as the dimming choices you use is crucial in order to establish the proper feeling in your kitchen.

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